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TOP 5 Benefits of Exercising Your Dog

​TOP 5 Benefits of Exercising Your Dog#1 Exercise will help Build Trust and a strong Bond with your pet. For timid pets, regular walks can help your pet to build confidence. Being exposed to other humans and pets will help your dog socialize and become more comfortable around new people. Spending quality time with your […]

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The Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Dogs

​The Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for DogsHave you ever wondered if your dog might benefit from coconut oil? Humans use coconut oil for many things, and as it turns out, now our K-9 friends may be able to get their paws on some of those benefits too. Interested in knowing more? We’ve got all the details […]

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Summer Vacation Tips

​Summer Vacation Tips Have your dog’s name tag up to date and secured on your dog’s collar. Same thing for microchip: Don’t rely only on your dog’s microchip, because it might take a lot longer before finding your dog. Make sure all the vaccination, tick & flee treatments are up to date Look up an […]

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Nose, Paws and Nail Care

​Nose, Paws and Nail CareWhat you need: Dog nose & paw balmOR simply coconut oil from your pantryYou can buy these supplies at the vet or pet store.Most dogs don’t like it and some tolerate it better than other.It’s important for your dog’s health.The coconut oil tastes good and most dogs like it, so that […]

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Keeping Your Canine Best Friend Happy & Healthy

​Keeping Your Canine Best Friend Happy & HealthyWritten by: JaydenVals The age-old question for dog owners remains: “How can I ensure my dog is healthy and happy?”. While a variety of methods have arisen to treat dog’s diseases, boost energy levels or calm their discomforts, it is evident that prevention is the best cure. As all […]

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Functional Raw Foods To Add To Your Dog’s Diet

​Functional Raw Foods To Add To Your Dog’s DietDr. Buchoff gave us a list of some of his favorite functional foods and why you should think about including them in your dog’s diet.These are some of his favorites:Coconut oil – high in medium chain triglycerides, supports the immune system, is antimicrobial, provides digestive support, improves […]

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