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Committed to Helping Canines Age With Grace, Vibrancy and Good Health

If you're like most dog owners, your pup means the world to you, and when he or she suffers, so too do you. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for canines to experience painful, debilitating and even life threatening conditions in old age.

From dealing with chronic inflammation to bone deterioration to muscle atrophy, dogs undergo many of the same conditions that we humans experience in our elderly years.

The only difference is that they cannot tell us what pains them…at least not with their words.

As your dog ages, you may notice that she begins to move slower…hobbles when she walks…or even snarls when being pet.

These are all signs that your pup suffers from arthritis, joint pain, atrophy or inflammation. If it saddens you to see your furry family member suffer, and if you have tried medication after medication to no avail, you may be feeling helpless and out of ideas.

I was at that point once too, but then I found a solution…

From Gym Owner to Dog Rescuer

My name is Cody Bramlett, and I have long been passionate about helping other living beings lose weight, alleviate pain, reverse the signs of aging and restore the body's natural energy and vibrancy.

Up until recently, I owned a gym in San Diego, where I helped other humans do just that, but even as I watched clients achieve their weight and health goals, I still felt as if something was missing, or as if I wasn't quite pursuing my true passion.

It wasn't until after my wife and I met just a few years ago that I discovered what that something was.

​Priscilla and I connected over our mutual love for dogs and a desire to rescue those in need.

We each had a rescue of our own when we first met, and it was a no brainer to rescue two more after tying the knot.

While all four of our pups brought us great joy, there was one dark cloud hanging over our happy family.

That cloud's name was Canine Arthritis.

So Began Our Search for a REAL Solution

One of our rescues, a Spaniel named Juliet, grew weak over time. She slept all the time, she didn't want to play with the other dogs and it pained her to walk or even move.

She was a shadow of her former, playful self, and Pricilla and I knew that we wanted to do more than just mask the pain—we wanted to reverse the damage that had caused it.

After conducting a thorough investigation on prescription medications, we decided that the negative side effects far outweighed the potential benefits, if there were any, and so we began a search for a better way.

Our search lead us to nature's essential joint healers, and eventually to Smart Healthy Dogs' Turmeric Hip & Joint Formula and Total Pet Health Pet Supplement—REAL solutions to very real health problems.

Why Smart Healthy Dog is Different

Prescription NSAIDs prescribed by vets are designed to mask the pain, not correct the damage that's causing it.

In our search for a better way, we discovered completely organic compounds that target the main cause of arthritis: damaged cartilage.

These compounds, when used together, do the following:

•    Alleviate inflammation
•    Replace steroids for joint pain
•    Reverse autoimmune reactions
•    Rebuild tissue and cartilage and strengthen bones

Your dog's coat will even be shinier, and his or her smile bigger and brighter.

The best part is, the results are REAL, meaning they won't fade when the medication wears off.

Rescue Your Dog From the Pains of Aging

You don't have to create a pet health supplement of your own to become a rescuer—all you have to do is give your pup the all-natural nutrients he or she needs to live a longer, more fulfilling and pain-free life.

Those nutrients can be found in our Turmeric Hip & Joint Formula and Total Pet Health Pet Supplement.

Rescue your dog from the effects of old age and order your supplements online or contact our team for more information.

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