Nose, Paws and Nail Care

​Nose, Paws and Nail Care

What you need:
  • Dog nose & paw balm
  • OR simply coconut oil from your pantry
You can buy these supplies at the vet or pet store.
  • Most dogs don’t like it and some tolerate it better than other.
  • It’s important for your dog’s health.
  • The coconut oil tastes good and most dogs like it, so that makes it a little easier.
  • It’s important to keep the nose and paw pads hydrated and healthy (especially if you live in a dry climate and or during winter time).
  • With the paw pads; it’s important to keep them clean and avoid exposing them to extreme heat (hot pavement, turf, sand) or extreme cold (ice & snow). The paw pads can get burns or get frost bites. If the paw pads get too dry, they crack and it’s painful. It’s like an open wound to walk on.
  • As for the nails, I strongly suggested getting it done by a professional groomer once a month.

Overgrown nails are really painful and can cause problems walking, ingrown nails, etc.