12 Dog Superfoods That Can Save Your Pet’s Life Revealed!

​12 Dog Superfoods That Can Save Your Pet’s Life Revealed!

To stay in top shape, your dog needs a well-rounded diet of the right fruit, veggies, fibers, proteins and vitamins. But the ideal diet also needs to take into account more serious illnesses and health problems that can affect pets just as much as humans, such as kidney stones, liver disease, heart problems, cataracts and cancer.

Let’s face it, when your dog feels great, you do too. Check out these 12 amazing dog superfoods that keep canines happy and healthy all their life.

1. Salmon

Salmon contains major amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids, which boost a canine’s immune system significantly, reduce inflammation, contribute to healthy skin and provide a gorgeous, lustrous sheen to its coat. Other benefits include:

•    Lymphoma prevention
•    Allergy and skin disorder relief
•    Improved kidney function
•    Arthritis and heart disease treatment

The trick is to get Omega-3 fatty acids straight from the source: wild, fresh fish like salmon and sardines.

2. Kefir

Kefir is related to yogurt but contains unique probiotic strains that are very beneficial for dogs of any age. With all that positive bacteria, dogs receive increased healing factors and protection from:

•    E. Coli and salmonella
•    Gastritis
•    Peptic disorders
•    Pancreatic inflammation
•    Rheumatism and gout

Some dogs are sensitive to the lactose in yogurt and kefir, but many canines devour it happily and get a calmer tummy in exchange.

3. Pumpkin

When it comes to smooth digestion, pumpkin is a dog’s best friend. It contains ample soluble and insoluble fibers that benefit every aspect of a dog’s digestive tract and intestinal tract.

4. Kale

This uber-popular leafy green for people also makes a prime choice for your pet’s diet. Kale offers tons of essential vitamins and minerals:

•    Antioxidants like vitamin C, E, K, carotenoids and flavonoids
•    Calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron
•    Lutein for healthy eyes
•    Cancer-fighting chlorophyll

5. Turmeric

Of all the natural ways to reduce inflammation for dogs, none come close to the effects of turmeric. This miracle spice helps canines recover more quickly from injuries and illness without relying on harsh prescription medicines. Turmeric also:

•    Provides relief from arthritis suffering and joint pain
•    Benefits digestion
•    Reduces bloating
•    Fights cancer

6. Quinoa

This ancient grain is making a huge comeback in human diets, and it’s equally beneficial for dogs. Quinoa is high in fiber with an unusually large quantity of protein along for the ride.

7. Apples

Besides the fact that dogs love to munch on things that are sweet, brightly colored and crunchy, apples also take care of their dental health, helping them get ready for dates by cleansing teeth and gums and freshening their breath.

8. Blueberries (and Bananas)

On the subject of sweet treats that dogs adore, blueberries are – metaphorically – huge. They’re packed with cancer-fighting and heart-boosting antioxidants.

For slightly more substantial treats for larger dogs, break off pieces of potassium-laded canine-favorite bananas. Not only is play a natural stress-reliever for both of you, the potassium is a major deterrent against kidney stones.

9. Eggs

Amino acids, riboflavin and selenium from eggs turn your regular canine into a supercharged bionic dog, boosting everything from brain development and eye health to bone growth and heart function. Prevent salmonella infections or biotin deficiency by cooking eggs first.

10. Bone Broth

Gnawing on bones improves your dog’s teeth and adds calcium to its diet – not to mention the innate love of bones that all dogs have. Don’t skip the marrow; it’s full of nutrients like iron that boost immune system defenses and increase red blood cell count.

The next best thing to bones is a super-healthy broth made by boiling a bunch of beef or chicken bones. Either serve it lukewarm in a food bowl or use the broth to moisten their meals. Toss in some carrots for an extra punch of vitamin-y goodness.

11. Broccoli

Not every human adores broccoli. Fortunately, many dogs can’t get enough of the stuff. Broccoli is a great cancer fighter, contains significant calcium for stronger bones and excels in the potassium and fiber departments.

12. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil doesn’t just smell heavenly, it also creates a virtual Shangri-La for dogs. Here’s a small list of its countless benefits:

•    Allergy relief
•    Shiny fur
•    Moist skin and prevention of skin disorders
•    Improved digestive health

This fragrant oil also works wonders when applied topically – directly on the skin – onto dry noses and paw pads. Share the love by giving your furry friend a small amount as a treat. Don’t overdo it, though: high-calorie coconut oil is best used in moderation.

Tips for Getting Dogs Who Are Picky To Eat Their Veggies

Now that you know the 12 secret foods that turn your dog into a superhero by day, mild-mannered pet by night, you might be wondering how to get Bark Kent to eat all those veggies. Here are some tips that work:

•    Try it raw: Some dogs love to munch on carrots and broccoli as is.
•    Shred it: Shredding, slicing and dicing are fair game over food.
•    Puree, baby: Your furry little one is extremely likely to devour purees instantly, especially with some turkey broth or breast mixed in.
•    Crispy delicious: If you have a dehydrator, make your own banana chips or sweet squash treats.

​Are Supplements a Good Choice for Dogs?

​Supplements are a great way to add specific vitamins you know your dog is lacking. Sufficient vitamin D, for example, is critical for bone formation and health. If you live in a big city apartment and your dog doesn’t get tons of sunlight, supplements are a viable and valuable option. The key to is make sure they’re 100 percent sourced from nature, not a laboratory somewhere.

At Smart Healthy Dogs, we love our dogs and know how much you love yours. Take great care of your canine with the wide range of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers and essential oils it needs. Our easy-to-use supplements come directly from natural fruits, veggies, spices and fresh wild fish. Contact us via email or by phone at (855) 927-9203 for additional tips or specific help with your dog’s individual needs. We’re always happy to go the extra mile for you and your pet!