Tips to Ensure Your Dog Lives a Long Healthy and Happy Life

​Tips to Ensure Your Dog Lives a Long Healthy and Happy Life

As a smart dog owner, you want to do everything possible to make your dog’s life a happy, healthy and lush living in the most natural way possible. Here are several ways to keep your canine friend on the path to wellness.

Make an effort to learn more about dog nutrition
Many dog parents feed their dog with cheap, dry shelve foods without even taking the time to check the ingredients list. Have you ever thought of adding fresh, organic vegetables to your dog’s diet? Feeding your pet the best dog food now will save your multiple visits to the vet later – and vet bills are not cheap. Unless advised otherwise by your vet, your dog should have a low-carb, moisture-rich, grain free and varied diet.

Supplement your dog’s diet
Exercising your dog and giving them healthy food are all great ways to keep your pet healthy. Still, dietary supplements can also be extremely beneficial for pets. If you feed your dog processed foods, he might not be able to get the right amount of omega 3’s they need. Omega 3’s DHA properties have been found to be beneficial for healthy skin and hair, arthritis and behavior. Hence, investing in some all-natural pet supplements can help keep your dog healthier for longer and should be added to a balanced lifestyle.

Did you know you can use food as supplements? There are a few foods that can be added to your dog’s diet that can help heighten their immunity. These foods include;
• Sweet Potato
• Kale
• Green beans

Exercise your pet
This is one of the most affordable, yet, most beneficial way you can keep your dog happy and healthy. Take the time to take your dog out or to a park for regular walks and playing with him. Exercise provides your dog many benefits including keeping him agile, healthy and limber. Exercise also plays a major role in keeping your dog at a healthy weight, digestion, stimulating their minds and strengthening the bond between you and your pet.

Keep up with the vet visits
Even if your dog is in top notch health, it is still important that he visits the vet at least once every year for a general checkup. These wellness visits help to uphold optimal health as well as provide a concrete health history of your dog as he ages. They also enable your vet to spot potential health issues early on. The earlier you detect a problem, the more chances it can be resolved successfully. So make sure you stick to a regular preventative health care routine to give your pet the best chance at a long and healthy life.

Maintain good oral health
Always remember that there is a direct correlation between your dog’s oral health and their overall health. Poor oral health may lead to plaque, gingivitis and in the long run periodontal disease, which is a bacterial infection of the mouth that has been linked to organ damage and heart disease in dogs. Hence, if you take steps to keep his mouth clean, it will help in ensuring he stays healthy.