Benefits of Adopting a Rescue Dog

​Benefits of Adopting a Rescue Dog

There’s about 3 million dogs who enter shelters every year in the United States. That’s why as dog lovers it’s important for us to advocate for adopting rescue dogs and supporting Rescue Groups.

Here’s are our favorite 10 benefits of adopting a rescue dog:

  • By adopting a rescue dog; you won’t be supporting puppy mills and over breeding. Every country in the world; rich or poor have an over population of dogs. In rich countries, the dogs are kept in shelters and often euthanized for a lack of space or funding. In poor countries the dogs are mostly strays trying to survive in the harsh conditions of the streets. We still have a lot of work to do to tackle the over population and abandonment, that’s why every little bit counts.
  • By adopting a rescue dog, you are saving a life and contributing to lowering the number of pets in shelter and the euthanasia of unwanted pets. For us the hardest thing to think about is that we can’t save them all! But saving one life is already wonderful! Imagine if everyone does that? There will be a lot of lives saved every year!
  • You can get almost any breed and you can find some awesome mixes. There’s a lot of choices of breeds with websites like Adoptapet.com and PetFinder. The rescue groups are easy to contact through social media. If you are set on a specific breed, you can surely find it. Mixed breeds are usually healthier and have fewer genetic related issues than pure breeds.
  • Shelter and Rescue Pets have been screened, vaccinated, spayed/neutered. By adopting a rescue dog, you get a better idea of your new friend’s overall health and specific needs. Your rescue dog, has been evaluated by vets and behavior professionals. You can get precious advice from the shelter staff and foster families to choose the best match for your family.
  • You save a lot of money. You don’t need to go through the whole puppy vaccination cycles and spay/neuter surgery, (which costs a lot of money). Normally, the shelter or rescue group has already gotten your future best friend ready for adoption. We strongly suggest scheduling a vet appointment with your favorite local vet, to get your new dog registered and have an overall evaluation of your dog’s health. The rescue group or shelter should provide you with the vaccination and health records at the adoption. This way you can transfer the information to your favorite vet and continue on with regular vet visits or as needed.
  • A rescue dog, usually has a story and life experiences. Most of them already had homes, foster homes and experience living with a family. A lot of rescue dogs will be somewhat trained, house broken and socialized.
  • You can skip the puppy stage, which is very demanding for anyone!
  • You have a better idea of the kind of dog you’re getting. Rescue dogs in shelters or foster homes have shown their personalities, and have shown their specific needs, limits and boundaries. You can find the dog that is the perfect match for your family and life style. By doing that you improve your chances of having a wonderful experience and finding a life long best friend. Take you time in choosing the dog that fits with your life style, don’t be impulsive. This is a commitment for the next 10-15 years, it’s important to choose the right fit. Most dogs have their own personalities and might not get along with every pets or humans. The knowledge of the shelter staff and foster families are crucial in making the best decision for your family and your future new best friend.
  • Dogs are funny and a lot of fun to be around! They will cheer you up, make you laugh and always be happy to see you! You family will laugh and play more! Dogs are a very positive cheerful companion! Top of Form

Rescue dogs, might be even happier to have finally found their forever family! A lot of them are very thankful and eager to get to know the whole family! They might be very pleasing and eager to just be loved!

  • You can meet and greet and test your potential new companion. Most shelters and rescues will let you meet and greet a dog you are interested in adopting. You might be able to take the dog home for a test, to ensure it’s a good match for the family. You might want to do that if your have multiple other pets and kids. You want to make sure everybody gets along! Shelters and rescues do that to insure the adoption is a success and everyone is happy!