​Dental Care

What you need:

  • Dog Tooth Brush
  • Dog Tooth Paste
  • Dog Mouth Spray

You can purchase all those supplies at the vet or pet store.

  • It is important to make it a positive experience for your dogs, giving treats is the fastest way to accomplish that.
  • Most dogs don’t like it, some tolerate it better than others
  • Luckily most of the dog tooth paste has yummy flavors, which greatly helps your dog enjoy the experience more.
  • Never use human tooth paste or mouth wash, as it is toxic for dogs. Since they can’t spit it out, it can be really harmful to them.
  • You will notice their teeth are quite different than ours, it’s important to get them all.
  • Be gentle on the gums as most dogs have some level of gingivitis, periodontal disease or inflamed gums.
  • After brushing finish with a mouth spray, to keep the bacteria’s and the bad breath away.