​Keeping Your Canine Best Friend Happy & Healthy

Written by: JaydenVals

The age-old question for dog owners remains: “How can I ensure my dog is healthy and happy?”. While a variety of methods have arisen to treat dog’s diseases, boost energy levels or calm their discomforts, it is evident that prevention is the best cure. As all that you love, your dog requires your attention to be healthy. As one that is your responsibility, it also needs your care. This article will outline dietary changes, checkup plans and exercise routines you can make to ensure your dog remains in good health for as long as possible.

Preventing Diseases

Parvo (Canine Parvovirus 2), Bloat, and Dental diseases are the top conditions you should watch out for. Not only can they be deadly, but they can also cause your dog horrible pain before they are detected. Thankfully medical and natural prevention methods are available:


Parvo leads to severe diarrhea. Eventually, cells are unable to repair themselves due to lack of energy and if untreated, the dog dies. Thankfully, most dogs are vaccinated against this disease. Should you be unsure whether yours is, make sure you consult immediately.


As its name indicates, bloat characterizes itself in an unusual swelling of a dog’s stomach. It often leads to great discomfort unless treated. Bloat occurs as the result of dogs eating too much too fast. Ensuring your dog eats slowly, for example by distracting it with its favorite toy as it eats, or putting the food in two different bowls in different parts of the house, can slow down your dog’s ingestion and prevent bloat.

Dental diseases

While this may seem like a minor problem in humans, dental diseases can lead to extreme consequences in dogs, one of which is kidney disease. When a dog’s mouth is infected, bacteria can travel to vital organs, which may cause them to fail. It is imperative you keep your dog’s mouth clean, by brushing its teeth at least once a week.

A Healthy Dog Diet

While raw dog food diets are controversial, most professionals agree that they can be a healthy reprieve from mass-produced dog food. Should you have difficulty choosing between the two extremes, consider amalgamating them. Dogs are in constant need of calcium to keep their bones and teeth healthy. Organic yogurt has been deemed to have positive effects on their energy levels, the shine of their hair and the prevention of dental diseases. Consider incorporating yogurt, apples and raw broccoli in their diet. It is also a good idea to avoid canine food that has up to 24 months of shelf life.

Unprocessed food expires quicker because it hasn’t been chemically altered, so stack up on that instead (best dog foods will have 2 to 4 weeks of life before their expiry dates) and switch to raw diets when you run out.

Fun and Exercise

Your dog doesn’t just want to have fun, it needs to! This is why splurging on organic canine sticks (the harder the better) and cotton plush toys is a good idea. While they are costlier that the mass-produced silicone items sold in large retail, they are less likely to irritate or infect your dog. Frequent walks are also necessary, as studies have shown dogs that rarely get walked can grow fatigued, unresponsive and even overweight.

As man’s best friends, dogs need care and love to go into their upkeep. With a little research and bi-yearly veterinary check-ups, you can be certain your canine partner will remain a healthy and happy dog for a very long time!