​Using Holistic Dog Treatments to Heal Your Dog: 

​Are you someone that loves your pet pooch? Many dog owners are turning to holistic dog treatments to help their dogs deal with various conditions. If you are someone that wants your pet to have the very best and are wary of chemical-heavy treatment options, holistic dog care may be worth checking out.

Holistic medicine is even starting to be a feature of veterinarian offices. This type of care involves examining the dog's overall health and draws from both traditional and alternative therapies that can range from acupuncture to massage, herbal remedies, and much more.

Canine Acupuncture

Canine acupuncture is the practice of using special acupuncture needles to stimulate areas on the body to encourage the flow of a life force energy. The Eastern approach has gained more acceptance in the Western world.

Not only can acupuncture benefit humans, but it can be used to help dogs too. Even the A.V.M.A. has approved it, designating canine acupuncture as an official alternate therapy for dogs.

Sessions may stimulate the release of chemicals in your dog's brain that encourage healing. Acupuncture can be sought out to treat muscle and joint pain, treat canine diabetes, and even help your pup deal with cancer.


This practice could be helpful to your dog for a variety of situations that include joint pain, arthritis, or recovering from a recent surgery or injury. Hydrotherapy sessions will involve your dog walking for 15 to 30 minutes on average on an underwater treadmill. The low-impact cardiovascular exercise to improve mobility, lessen stress, improve circulation, and more. This is superior to traditional walking if your pup is recovering, so check out hydrotherapy as there are many benefits.

Dog Massage

Massage works for humans, so why not dogs? Vets say that massage feels good for dogs and promotes relaxation. It relaxes muscles, improve circulation and blood flow, stimulates nerves, and reduce stress overall for dogs, promoting overall well-being.

​Chinese Herbal Remedies

​Just like with acupuncture, this Eastern medicine is being turned to more often by dog owners. While not all herbs will be able to be used if your dog is on certain medications, a holistic vet will be able to tell you which herbs can be applied for which ailments. These can be used to treat anything from anxiety to nausea.

Natural medicine generally takes the approach that any disease or things going wrong in the body are manifestations of deeper imbalances. That means that treating the symptoms alone will not always work.

The best thing that you can do to care for your pet is to make sure that they are getting everything that they need. If you can do what you can to ensure that your dog is getting the optimum nutrition and exercise as well as socialization, structure, and attention in addition to keeping their stress levels low, you can make sure that the delicate balance is maintained.

As a pet owner, you also have to deal with issues as they come up. There are a variety of problems that can manifest. Your dog may be dealing with having excessive anxiety or be acting up. They may have collar sensitivity or have picked up fleas along the way. Whatever you end up attempting to treat, remember that if treating it holistically you do have to give it the time it requires to resolve adequately.

Giving your pet a chance to recover using holistic care will ensure that man's best friend gets the opportunity to get better without having their sensitive systems disrupting by 'stronger' medicine.