What Do The Sleeping Positions of Your Dog Mean?

​What Do The Sleeping Positions of Your Dog Mean?

Do you often wonder if the position that your dog sleeps in means anything?

If you're a dog owner, you may be curious as to what you can learn from your dog's body language. Believe it or not, the way that they sleep does say a lot.

So, what are the ways that dogs sleep and what do they mean? We're talking all about it today, so read on to find out.

What Do The Sleeping Positions of Your Dog Mean?

Sleeping on Their Side

If your dog is sleeping on their side, that's actually good news! When your pup has their belly revealed and they are comfortably snoozing on the side, that means that they feel very secure and comfortable right now.

Any time an animal reveals their stomach, they are showing that they are either so trusting of their environment and feel safe. If they are awake, it means they want to play! Even if they are very protective of you while awake, a blissful side sleeping position means your pooch is happy and very relaxed, knowing nothing is going to hurt them.

All Curled Up

Sometimes your dog may be sleeping in a curled up position, kind of like a cat or a fox. This is very common and dogs will often have their paws tucked under with their tails wrapped around their body, often nearly reaching their face!

Your dog may feel very comfortable in this position and also may be sleeping this way to conserve heat. This position also serves to protect their throat, face, and limbs, meaning that they are able to sleep but don't have their guard entirely down, ready to get up if they hear something or sense movement. Dogs sleeping this way are usually quite friendly and sweet.

Sleeping On Their Back With Legs Up

This funny sleeping position translates into a dog that is very confident and comfortable in their surroundings, just like the side position. Even though it may look unusual, showing their stomachs means they are vulnerable and feel safe enough to do so. Dogs who sleep this way are usually pretty chill, independent, and love to have fun.

Sleeping on the Tummy

Sleeping on the tummy is common for dogs, as many often choose to sleep on their stomachs with all four limbs stretched out. It's a great position to transition from sleeping to getting up when they've woken or when you've called them. It's common for dogs to sleep in this position and those that do are usually very energetic and love to play!

Laying on Their Back

Dogs usually sleep in this position to try and cool down as quickly as they can. Maybe they're overheated or have just spent a lot of time running around. Sleeping flat on the back is a great way to cool off and take a nap too. A happy dog may even tilt their legs while sleeping in the air. This is a position of a highly confident and content dog!

​The Slight Tummy Curl

​This position means that your dog is enjoying a quick sleep session. However, their muscles may not be as relaxed in this position to hit REM. This most likely means they're taking a brief snooze to recharge and get back to having fun and running around when they do wake up. Of all the dog sleeping positions, dogs in this sleeping pose are most likely to be gentle but also slightly shy.